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High-molecular bandages are made of glass fiber or polyester fiber coated polyurethane compounds. Th


Polymer bandages have the advantages of light weight and strong, waterproof and breathable, safe and

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Orthopaedic Casting Tape SCP54

Product Details

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Polyester Orthopaedic Casting Tape(Polymer bandage)
Brief Description   
1. Instead of the traditional plaster bandage(P.O.P bandage).
2. It is mainly used for the external fixation of fracture or sprain to make the bone heal in orthopedics, plastic surgery and general surgery.
3. Have been obtained the certificates of ISO13485 and CE.
4. Be made of knitted polyester fabric daubed water-activated polyurethane adhesive. It has excellent hardness, can protect injured part effectively and is very easy to remove after healing.
5. The fabric knitted by international advanced technology has nice plasticity and air-permeability.     
6. With imported polyurethane adhesive it has moderate heat generated when it solidify, suitable stickiness and small moulding shrinkage.
7. Good quality, remarkable performance and competitive price.

1. Put the padded covering on the affected body part, and twine with the cotton paper.
2. Wear surgical gloves.
3. Before opening the package, choose the roll of proper size.
4. Immerse the cast in room temperature water (21°-24°)for 2-3 seconds and squeeze it 2-3 times.
5. Wrap spirally, overlapping the previous layer by one-half or two-thirds the width of the roll. Just 5-6 layers provide a strong non-weight-bearing cast and 7-8 layers are typically adequate for weight-bearing cast.
6. After water soak the cast begins to solidify in 3-5 minutes and can bear weight enough in 15 minutes according to the need of moulding.
7. SY polyester casting tape can be trimmed or removed with traditional cast saw equipment.


1. Easy operating to reduce the workload of doctors.   
SY polyester casting tape is used under the room temperature. The whole operation can be completed in a short time (about 3 minutes). Doctors can make them into any shape according to their demands.   
2. Moulding fast
It begins to be solidified after opening the package and being water-soaked. In 20 minutes it can bear weight. The fast molding reduces patients’ affliction or suffering. Though the traditional plaster bandage need more hours for the complete
3. High hardness and light weight
Polyester casting tape is 20 times hardness, only 20% weight and one-third thickness of traditional plaster bandage. Doctors can save a lot of bandage material, time and energy.
4. Excellent air permeability
The unique knitted net structure make the bandage many mini holes on the surface to keep good air ventilation and prevent the skin from getting damp, hot and pruritus. This is very important, because many patients may suffer from the skin disease and allergic reaction when they use the traditional plaster bandage.
5. Excellent X-ray radiolucency
Excellent X-ray radiolucency makes it convenient to take X-ray photos and    examine the bone healing without removing the bandage. If the patients use the traditional plaster bandage, doctors need to remove it when patients need the X-ray
examination, and the process of removing must cause great troubles to doctors and much suffering to patients.
6 .Water resistant
The absorbed percent of moisture is 85% less than traditional plaster bandage.
Because there are many mini holes on the cast surface, the water surface tension make the water away. Even if touches the water, it still can keep bandage dry.
7. Safety
It has been proved that polyurethane have good biocompatibility, non-toxic and no teratogenic effect though large of animal and acute and chronic toxicity experiments
These excellent performance make our polymer bandage and splint the best necessary orthopedics, general surgery and fist aid products.


1. Please wear the surgical rubber gloves before you operate. When the operator is stuck by polyurethane adhesive, please wipe it out with cotton swab with acetone.   
2.   We suggest you'd better open only one bag each time instead of many bags avoiding affecting the products’strength.
3.   Please use special plaster saw to remove the cast.
4. Take care of them and avoid the cast package is broken to leak air and harden when transport or store.
5. If there is any question, please feel free to tell us or our agent.
Mode   Size(inch)   Specification(W×L)   Packing
SCP24    2"            5cm×360cm           144bags/12boxes/carton   
SCP34    3"            7.5cm×360cm        120bags/12boxes/carton
SCP44    4"            10cm×360cm         96bags/12boxes/carton
SCP54    5"            12.5cm×360cm      84bags/12boxes/carton
SCP64    6"            15cm×360cm         72bags/12boxes/carton
Recommended size for different people
1.2inch for Children’s hands, fingers, and toes
2.3inch for Children’s wrists, ankles, and arms and legs
3.4inch for Children’s legs and ankles, adults’ hands and wrists
4.5inch for Adult’s arms and legs
5.6inch for adult’s arms and legs
◆Be careful and avoid breaking the package.
◆Please store SY polyester casting tape at room temperature.
◆Damaged products by careless handling can’t be returned and exchanged .Please handle and store them carefully.
◆The shelf life of SY polyester casting tape is 3 years from the day of production.

The formula production process of medical polymer splint, polymer fixing bandage and industrial winding tape produced by Wuxi Shengyi Company for external fixation of limb fractures. It is a technical staff of Wuxi Ximei Polymer Bandage Factory and Shanghai Synthetic Resin The institute has developed formulas and processes for water-curable polyurethane adhesives.
In 2012, we cooperated with Germany to develop a new and advanced automated production line, imported high-quality raw materials, and adopted high-quality environmental protection mesh fabrics produced by Korean companies. Shengyi products are positioned as high-end products, pay attention to environmental protection, only make fine products, and launch the fifth generation of medical polymer splints with environmental protection mesh.
Main production products: Polymer orthopedic bandages and medical polymer splints for external fixation supplies of orthopedics in hospitals; armored tapes (industrial armored tapes) for cable connector outer protection; HG welding clamp insulation protective tape; SY pipeline repair plugging tape, tool repair Universal wrapping tape such as tape, reinforced anticorrosive tape.
Wuxi SY introduces a scientific and modern modern enterprise management system, adhering to the business purpose of "serving human health" and under the guidance of the business philosophy of "integrity first, quality first", adhering to the "sacred heart and patronage of the public" "Enterprise spirit, adhere to the" customer first, fast response, win-win cooperation "principle, and jointly create a high starting point and high speed of successful development. Wuxi Shengyi Company is a long-term excellent partner of many domestic and foreign medical device sales companies, and it will also be your preferred cooperation.