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The polymer splint is a new type of material with simple structure and ingenious design. When in use


Polymer splint is a special synthetic polymer polyester low-temperature thermoplastic sheet. It is a


The polymer splint forms a rigid plate-like structure between the fractured end and the surrounding


The polymer splint is generally suitable for early fracture or injury of the ligaments and tendons o


The polymer splint has a reliable and firm fixing effect. Less fixing materials and light weight, eq


At present, polymer splints have gradually replaced traditional gypsum bandages on the market. Altho

The formula production process of medical polymer splint, polymer fixing bandage and industrial winding tape produced by Wuxi Shengyi Company for external fixation of limb fractures. It is a technical staff of Wuxi Ximei Polymer Bandage Factory and Shanghai Synthetic Resin The institute has developed formulas and processes for water-curable polyurethane adhesives.
In 2012, we cooperated with Germany to develop a new and advanced automated production line, imported high-quality raw materials, and adopted high-quality environmental protection mesh fabrics produced by Korean companies. Shengyi products are positioned as high-end products, pay attention to environmental protection, only make fine products, and launch the fifth generation of medical polymer splints with environmental protection mesh.
Main production products: Polymer orthopedic bandages and medical polymer splints for external fixation supplies of orthopedics in hospitals; armored tapes (industrial armored tapes) for cable connector outer protection; HG welding clamp insulation protective tape; SY pipeline repair plugging tape, tool repair Universal wrapping tape such as tape, reinforced anticorrosive tape.
Wuxi SY introduces a scientific and modern modern enterprise management system, adhering to the business purpose of "serving human health" and under the guidance of the business philosophy of "integrity first, quality first", adhering to the "sacred heart and patronage of the public" "Enterprise spirit, adhere to the" customer first, fast response, win-win cooperation "principle, and jointly create a high starting point and high speed of successful development. Wuxi Shengyi Company is a long-term excellent partner of many domestic and foreign medical device sales companies, and it will also be your preferred cooperation.